artists - andrew kratzat

The Dentist

chad hochberg, andrew bishop, joey dosik, tomek miernowski, jeremy kittel, jesse palter, jeff walton, tom stoepker, and special guest appearance by matt endahl

mixed by tomek miernowski
mastered by steve bellamy

recorded by
geoff michael and chris duross, big sky recording, ann arbor, Michigan (sporadically from november 2006-july 2007) except track 9, recorded by tomek miernowski (march 5, 2008)

artwork + design by becca johnson

special thanks
to my family for supporting me throughout this process; matt schiebel for digging my music no matter how out it gets; my friends jil, joho, monica, amy, luke, and tessa for keeping me sane while I worked on this album; dave holloway for being willing to play with me when my playing was hilarious; and especially to all of the musicians and artists that are a part of this project: I really feel that this album captures the incredible music scene i’ve been able to be a part of in ann arbor.

executive producer: andrew bishop

all compositions by
andrew kratzat

Except for…
Track 4 by jimmy rowles, lyrics by norma winstone; track 6 by matt endahl; track 9 by josh ritter

More information about Andrew Kratzat coming soon!



The Dentist is available for purchase from the iTunes Music Store. Previews of all selections are also available in the BlockM Records catalog